Terms and Conditions for RedPass-Armed Forces

  • AirAsia RedPass Application Window: Aug 15, 2020 to Aug 28, 2020
    Travel Period with the RedPass: Sep 25, 2020 to Mar 31, 2021.
    The redemption has to be made at-least 21 days before the travel date
    Note: The Application dates, redemption dates and travel dates of the AAI RedPass are based on India local time (GMT+5:30).
  • Applicant can be a serving/retired personnel of the Indian Armed Forces or Indian Paramilitary Forces or if you are a valid Dependent (Spouse/Child/Parent) of a serving/retired Indian Armed Forces and Indian Paramilitary Forces Personnel.
  • When applying for the AirAsia India RedPass, applicant must ensure that their details in the form (i.e. Name, Date of Birth, Service number) are as per their valid service or dependent ID card. These details shall be verified by AAI each time the AAI RedPass is used by an applicant during the travel period. Travellers would be required to produce their service ID card/ Dependent card for verification. Passengers will be denied boarding in case they fail the verification and in case the passenger wishes to continue the journey, the passenger shall be required to pay the full amount of the ticket at the rate at that point of time.
  • AAI will review the application forms and send the voucher/promo code to the selected applicants on the registered email Id of the applicant. AAI shall have the right to screen the applications and issue the vouchers in its sole discretion. AAI reserves the right to refuse/deny issuance of voucher(s) in its sole discretion without having any liability whatsoever.
  • The booking of seats is subject to availability and embargo periods or sectors may apply. Flight redemption is limited and subject to seat availability. A seat may not be available on each flight or on an everyday basis, for e.g. due to high demand at times such as weekends, public holidays, school holidays, etc. The AAI RedPass does not guarantee availability on any particular flight during the travel period. Unavailability of the flight on any day/date/time shall not make AAI liable for any additional cost/expenses incurred by the applicant.
  • Each AirAsia RedPass is assigned to one (1) passenger only with one (1) BIG Member account and one (1) Service No.
  • The AirAsia RedPass is non- transferable, non-cancellable and is not exchangeable for cash or any other benefits in kind. Further AirAsia RedPass cannot be sold, bartered, or assigned to another person. Any attempt to transfer the AirAsia RedPass or booking made using the AirAsia RedPass for someone other than the holder of the AirAsia RedPass will result in immediate forfeiture of the AirAsia RedPass and cancellation of such booking made by the applicant. Further, AAI shall be entitled to initiate legal action against such fraudulent transactions undertaken by the applicant/RedPass holder, including without prejudice, the right to claim and recover the legal cost, losses suffered or any other costs related thereto.
  • The AirAsia RedPass can only be used once during the RedPass validity period. Any seat(s) and / or sector not redeemed within the validity period of the RedPass shall be deemed as surrendered. Further, the RedPass is valid for use on a single sector (for example, BLR–DEL) on the AAI domestic network (within India) and the sector cannot be changed once booked.
  • The RedPass provides waiver on the base fare charged by AAI, however Airport taxes, and any other charges including but not limited to ancillaries, add-ons, taxes, and regulatory fees as applicable, shall be borne by the applicant at the time of booking the flight tickets.
  • The RedPass application window and the travel period as stated above shall not be extended under any circumstance. Failure to use the RedPass for any reason whatsoever, shall not entitle the applicant to seek refund or extension of the RedPass validity. Redemption of flight for departure earlier than the applicable travel period or later than the applicable travel period is not allowed.
  • RedPass usage is available only on the official AirAsia website and application. Payment needs to be done immediately to avoid the auto-cancellation of the booking. The payment is to be made only through a BIG Member account on www.airasia.com or AirAsia mobile application (available on Google Play store and Apple iOS).
  • The AirAsia RedPass cannot be redeemed offline, i.e. at airport ticket counters, call centers, or bookings made through travel agents.
  • The AirAsia RedPass is not entitled for any free rescheduling of flights. Upon re-scheduling, rescheduling fees and fare differences, if any, shall apply.
  • Applicant is obligated to provide AAI with the active email id and phone number registered in the name of the applicant, failing which any inconvenience caused to the applicant/RedPass holder will not be the liability of AAI and the applicant/RedPass holder hereby specifically waives any right to claim any compensation from AAI in this regard.
  • The AirAsia RedPass cannot be combined with any other offers or exchanged for cash or any other products in kind.
  • AirAsia, at its sole discretion, has the right to reject any claims that do not conform to these Terms and Conditions.
  • These terms and conditions are specific to the AirAsia India RedPass and do not modify or replace or intend to modify or replace the AirAsia’s Terms & Conditions of Carriage. However, in the event of any inconsistency between the terms in these Terms and Conditions and the AirAsia’s Terms & Conditions of Carriage (available at www.airasia.com), the Terms and Conditions stated herein and specific to the AirAsia India RedPass shall prevail to the extent of such inconsistency/discrepancy.
  • AirAsia reserves the right at its absolute discretion to amend these Terms and Conditions and/or withdraw the AirAsia RedPass, or substitute or replace the AirAsia RedPass with another product or program of equivalent value (anytime during Aug 15, 2020 to Mar 31, 2021) without any prior notice.
  • By redeeming and utilizing the AirAsia RedPass, the applicant/RedPass holder agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as well as AAI’s Conditions of Carriage (available at www.airasia.com) as may be amended from time to time.
  • The applicant/RedPass Holder agrees to hold harmless, defend and fully indemnify AAI from and against all losses (including loss of opportunity and consequential loss arising therewith), damages, expenses and all third party actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs (including without prejudice to the generality of this provision, the legal cost, personal injuries, death, loss or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation), awards and damages that may arise as a result of the use /purchase of this AirAsia RedPass.
  • Any dispute arising between AAI and RedPass Holder/applicant shall be governed by the laws of India and the courts of Bengaluru, Karnataka shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to deal with such disputes.
  • Privacy Policy: AAI’s RedPass Program shall require you to voluntarily provide us with personal data, which may include information such as your name, birth date, email address, telephone number, certain verification documents, medical registration number (hereinafter “Personal Data”). We may collect and use this Personal Data to verify your credentials, check your eligibility for the RedPass Program, or to communicate with you for the purposes as stated in these terms and conditions. The personal information that AAI will gather by virtue of the RedPass shall be governed by our privacy policy (available at: https://www.airasia.com/aa/about-us/en/gb/privacy-statement.html) which may be amended by us from time to time.